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Do good work.

It’s a simple concept, but “do good work” has become the guiding principle behind Firefly today. We strive to do good work — every day.

We start with learning about a business. We work best with clients who have a passion for what they do. Any business can have a vision for changing the world, even in the smallest small way. That’s important to us. We love working with game changers. And we’re good at what we do because we love it so much that we’re constantly learning and evolving.


Strategic Planning

You know that you need to improve your communications with customers, prospects, employees, and partners, but maybe you’re not sure how. We can help you put together an effective and comprehensive communications strategy.


Do you have writing projects that are taking time away from your core business focus? We love to write and we’ll work to master your brand voice. We can help with writing for your blog, website, email, newsletters, magazines, press releases, e-books, and more.

Social Media

Not sure what to share on social media? Not sure if you have social media accounts setup? Let’s talk about these very important communications tools. We can put together an editorial calendar, write content, and even put tools in place to help save time!

About Firefly

Firefly began from a bold pivot toward supporting small businesses and nonprofits. In 2008, after serving several years as an executive in an international nonprofit organization, Founder Shara Darden decided to pursue a new direction. With an extensive background in marketing and communications, Shara began working on small projects as a consultant for small businesses in the community. With a bold step in 2010, Firefly was conceptualized and we’ve been dedicated to helping small businesses and nonprofits grow ever since.

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